Monday, May 30, 2011

Cook's Pears

I could not resist trying to copy the painting on Cook's Magazine. The color palette in this painting is very limited which makes it a little easier for me. Mixing colors without making them muddy has been a big problem. I painted the same painting first in a 8x10  with a palette knife and it ended up being very successful. The lesson I learned was to keep the brushes clean and change brushes with every change of color used.


  1. I love this painting! The colors are so pure and you can tell you did keep your brushes clean.

  2. This is beautiful Charlotte...the colors are so deep and rich! I'm very bad about keeping my brushes clean while painting...I see now why it's so important ! Love seeing you blogging too, a great way to keep up with each others work.

  3. Charlotte! I'm SO excited you're doing this! I love the red/yellow/black palette. Very dramatic.